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1 Feb 2020

Irrigation Dept Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020: Saturday [01-02-2020]

Irrigation Dept Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020
Irrigation Dept Section Assistant Exam Details
Name of Post: Section Assistant 
Total No. of Posts: 397 
Date of Examination : 01-02-2020
Exam Type: OMR based written Exam

Total Marks: 100
Time: 2 Hours

Answer Key of Sunday, 02/02/2020: Click Here
Irrigation Dept Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020
These questions are collected by us and completely memory based. These are not the official answer key. We are collecting the questions, please comment the question you have memorized. We will try to give the answer of these question as soon as possible.
Irrigation Dept Section Assistant Exam Answer Key 2020
1. Who is the Missile man of India?
Ans: APJ Abdul Kalam

2. How many team participated in ICC World Cup 2019
Ans: 10 Teams

3. Who is the Chairman of ISRO?
Ans: Kailasavadivoo Sivan

4. When the Ayodhya verdict was Came out?
Ans: 09/11/2019

5. Which country will host 2022 winter & summer Olympics?
Ans: Beijing

6. When is the International Labor Day Celebrated?
Ans: 1st May

7. What is the Original name of AR Rahman?
Ans: Dileep Kumar

8. When was Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing climb Norgay Mount Everest?
Ans: 1953

9. Which among the following company has become the first power utility to produce a QR code base bill payment system in India?
Ans: Tata Power

10. Who was the 1st Sport's Minister of India as a Sport person?
Ans: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

11. Indira Gandhi was the minister of _ during the Prime Ministership of Lal Bahadur Shastri?
Ans: Information and Broadcasting.

12. Palashi War was held in?

Ans: 1757

13. Pencil is made of…?

Ans: Graphite

14.Old name of Manmyar is?

Ans. Barma

15. Which company dragged to supreme court for violating norms in executing NRC project?
Ans. Wipro

16. Ashes cricket series held between..

Ans. Australia and English

17. AD: 25, GH: ?
Ans. 225

18. Which of the following is not a Bihu…
Ans : Karam puja

19. High court banned the chemical use of lead lithium mercury in firecrackers
Ans: All of the above

20. Sudarshan Pattnaik is a…?
Ans: Sand Artist

21. How many colours does a prism produce when a white light or sunlight is pass through it ?

Ans : Seven

22. Which country gives Nobel Prize?
Ans: Sweden

23. Bankers of Bank is..?
Ans: RBI

24.  Head quarter of LIC..
Ans: Mumbai

25. Sunil Gavaskar's 1st Century was against..?
Ans: West indies

26. If the word ‘Advanture’ written in opposite direction, then the middle letter is…

Ans: N

27. Currency of Bulgaria?
Ans: Bulgarian Lev
28. Human commission rights held its meeting in?
Ans: Geneva 
29. 2019 Education commission chairman was..
Ans: Dr. K. Kasturirangan

30. First sermon of Buddha in?
Ans: Sarnath (Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta)

31. ICC WC 2019 Winner
Ans: England

32. CO2 full form?
Ans: Carbon Di Oxide

33. Indian soldier singing in USA in the name of _.
Ans: Badluram

34. MSME full form
Ans: Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

35. It’s Difficult to (understand) what She's saying ?
A. Make in
B. Make out
C. Make of
D. Make Up
Ans: B. Make out

36. Sometimes he ____Silly mistakes.
A. Make
B. Makes
C. Make in
D. Makes in
Ans: B. Makes

37. Mix The sugar and the water _ a cup ?
A. On
B. Of
C. In
D. With
Ans: C. In

39. I was amazed __ her knowledge of French Literature?
A. On
B. At
C. With
D. In
Ans: B. At

40. Active to Passive: Has she completed the work?
Ans: Has the work been completed by her?

41. Spotting error:
You will been obliges /to sign a contract/before starting employment.
Ans: You will been obliges (Correct: You will be obliged)

42. Management is ___ ways of cutting costs.
A. Look for
B. Looking at
C. Look after
D. Look ahead
Ans: A. Look for

43. The __details of the origin of life remains ___?
A. Precise, seen
B. Presis, hidden
C. Precise, hidden
D. Presis, seen

Ans: C. Precise, hidden

44. Synonym of Cruel.
Ans: ????

45. Antonym of Abandon
Ans: ????

46. If today is Friday. After 41 days what will be the day?
Ans: Friday
47. Today is Friday, what will be the day after 87 days?
Ans: Thursday
48. Sum of First 11 Natural Number? 
Ans : 66 
49. Find the Odd number: 225, 400, 175, 256
Ans: 175
50. Find Next One -.11,21,31,41 ?
Ans: 51
51. If + is ‘:-‘ then Fine: 3:- 5X8÷2-10= ?
Ans: 13
52. Find Blank- 9,11,8,10,7,?
Ans: 9

53If t=20, TRAIN=62 then AEROPLANE= ??
Ans: 87

541 feb 2012 what happen ?
Ans. ???

55. First Assamese dictionary...
And: Hemkosh

56. Synonyms of Offensive...
Ans. Ride

57. Solitary Meaning...
Ans. Soliable
Note: We are collecting the questions and will update soon. Please stay connected and if you have any question in your memory please do comment.

Answer Key of Sunday, 02/02/2020: Click Here