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1 Aug 2020

৩৫৫ খন বিদ্যালয়, ৪২৯০ টা শিক্ষক পদৰ প্ৰাদেশীকৰণ - Govt. To Provincialize 4290 Teacher Posts and 355 Schools

Govt. To Provincialize 4290 Teacher Posts and 355 Schools

The State Education Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma today announced that Assam Government will provincialised 355 Schools and 4290 Teacher Posts With effect from 1st January 2021.

Among these 197 High School, 09 Higher Secondary and 149 Junior College/Senior Secondary schools will be provincialised. As a result the 4290 posts of Teacher working in these schools are going to be provincialised.
In a press meet holding in Guwahati on today he said that…
The first list of provincialised colleges and schools will be published on August 15. The second list will be published in October. But it will be effective from next January  01,”

The 1st List of such schools will be published from 15th August 2020.

He Also Said that Science Stream will be opened in 16 College soon in which 240 Posts of Faculty and 80 Grade III/IV posts will also be opened for these colleges.

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