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6 Apr 2020

SEBA Class 10 English Grammar HSLC Solved Question Answer - Voice Change

SEBA Class 10 English Grammar HSLC Solved Question Answer

SEBA Class 10 English Grammar Solved Question Answer
Dear Students in posts we will discuss with you about the Voice Change. we are trying to give here last ten years solved question answers of English Grammar of HSLC Exam for Class X students under SEBA.

Subject: English Grammer
Content: Voice Change
Question Solved: HSLC from 2010

Q. Change the voice of the following....

HSLC Examination- 2010
(i) We discussed the matter thoroughly.
    Ans : The matter was discussed
    thoroughly by us.
(ii) I delivered all the letters.
    Ans : All the letters were delivered by

HSLC Examination- 2011
(i) The members elected him Secretary.
    Ans : He was elected secretary by the
(ii) The grandmother looks after the
    Ans : The child is looked after by the

HSLC Examination- 2012
(i) Children like sweets.
    Ans : Sweets are liked by the children.
(ii) By whom can this be done?
    Ans : Who can do this?

HSLC Examination- 2014
(i) Accidents are caused by
    Ans : Carelessness causes accident.
(ii) Who did this work?
    Ans : By whom was this work done?

HSLC Examination- 2015
(i) We were surprised at his conduct.
    Ans : His conduct surprised us.
(ii) Why did your father refuse such an
    honourable job?
    Ans : Why was such an honourable job
    refused by your father?

HSLC Examination- 2016
(i) The Students elected him secretary.
    Ans : He was elected secretary by the
(ii) The stage was decorated by the
    Ans : The students decorated the

HSLC Examination- 2017
(i) People speak English all over the
    Ans: English is spoken all over the
(ii) America was discovered by
    Ans: Columbus discovered America.

HSLC Examination- 2018
(a) The letters have been posted.
    Ans: I have posted the letters.
(b) He did the work alone.
    Ans: The work was done alone by him.

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