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26 Oct 2019

Assam TET 2019 (LP & UP): Guidelines To Candidates and Exam Details

Assam TET 2019 (LP & UP): Guidelines To Candidates and Exam Details

Assam TET 2019 Examination Details: 
Date of examination:
 10th November 2019

Examination Language: Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Hindi, English

Duration of Examination:
  • 2 ½ hours (150 Minutes) for Paper-I and
  • 2 ½ hours (150 Minutes) for Paper II.
  • Additional 20 minutes time (per hour) will be there for visually impaired candidates.

Examination Shifts:
 The TET exam will be conducted in two phase, applied candidates need to appear their exam as per below schedule.
  • Lower Primary Level (LP): Starts at 8:30 AM
  • Upper Primary Level (UP): Starts at 12:30 PM

Assam TET 2019: Admit Card

Admit Card Download: Click Here

Assam TET 2019: Guidelines To Candidates

  1. No candidate will be allowed to appear in the Examination Hall without Admit Card and it should be produced before the Invigilator when asked.
  2. No candidate will be allowed to appear in the Examination Hall without Admit Card and it should be produced before the Invigilator when asked.
  3. Any book, paper, cell phone, calculator or any electronic gadget or objectionable materials are not allowed in the Examination Hall. Candidates are allowed to bring only Admit Card and ball-point pen inside/into in the Examination Hall. There will not be any provision for deposit of Mobile Phone/Electronic items etc. Candidate is directed not to bring any prohibited items with him.
  4. Candidate will have to keep all his/her belongings and materials outside the Examination Hall at his/her own risk.
  5. Any candidate found using unfair means or violating the above or any of the Examination rules shall be disqualified.
  6. Candidate should clearly write his/her Roll No. in the space provided in the Test Booklet.
  7. Read the question carefully before marking the right answer in the appropriate circle/bubble of the OMR Answer-Sheet.
  8. Only one circle/bubble, either (A), (B), (C) or (D) is to be darkened completely for each answer on the OMR Answer-Sheet.
  9. Candidate should not make any stray marks on the OMR Answer-Sheet.
  10. Candidate should not staple, fold, pin, wrinkle or damage the OMR Answer-Sheet.
  11. Scratching, overwriting, tick marking, multiple answering will be considered as wrong answer.
  12. Candidates will have to sign twice the Attendance/Roll Sheet presented by the Invigilator on duty, once after taking their seats in the Examination Hall, and once at the time of handing over their Test Booklet and OMR Answer-Sheet to the Invigilator.Cases where a candidate has not signed the Attendance Sheet a second time will be deemed not to have handed over the Answer-Sheet.
  13. The candidate has to return the Test Booklet along with the OMR Answer-Sheet to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall.
  14. Candidate should do all the necessary Rough Work on the Test Booklet in the space provided. Rough Work should not be done on the Answer-Sheet or on any other paper. If any Rough Work is done on the Answer-Sheet, the Answer-Sheet will not be assessed.
  15. There will be one single OMR Answer-Sheet with pre printed roll no and photo for all the questions. No extra Answer-Sheet will be provided for any mistake or correction. Before use the candidate has to ensure that it belong to him only.
  16. The OMR Answer-Sheet will be provided along with the Test Booklet. Candidate should fill up the particulars in the OMR Answer-Sheet, i.e, Test Booklet No., Test Booklet Code, Language Code, etc, carefully.
  17. The test is of 2 hours and 30 minutes duration and will consist of 150 questions.
  18. The candidate should use blue/black ball-point pen only for writing particulars on this page/marking responses in the OMR Answer-Sheet.
  19. The candidate should make sure that the corresponding Test Booklet Code is properly written/shaded in the OMR Answer-Sheet by him/her. For example, if the candidate gets Test Booklet Code 'L', then he/she should fill up 'L' in the box provided in the OMR Answer-Sheet and also shade the circle 'L' in the OMR Answer-Sheet. In case of any discrepancy in the Test Booklet, the candidate should immediately report the matter to the Invigilator for replacement.
  20. Test Booklet has five Parts, i.e., Parts I, II, III, IV and V consisting of 150 Multiple-choice Type questions, all carrying 1 mark each.
  21. There is no negative marking for any wrong answer.
  22. Candidate should note that each question in Parts I, II and III is given in multilingual form, viz., in Assamese/Bengali/Bodo/English/Hindi medium/version for his/her convenience and ready reference. In case of any discrepancy or confusion in the medium/version, the English version will be treated as the authentic version.
  23. Candidate has to report immediately if the OMR sheet received is found to be torn/damaged.

Assam TET 2019: Specimen OMR Sheet
To download: Click Here