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23 Jul 2019

কৰ্মৰত টেট শিক্ষকে পুনৰ দিব নালাগে টেট: Assam Education Department inform through Office Memorandum

Assam Education Department inform through Office Memorandum
অসম চৰকাৰৰ অধীনত কাম কৰি থকা ঠিকাভিত্তিক LP আৰু UP TET শিক্ষকে স্থায়ী পদত আবেদনৰ বাবে পুনৰাই দিব নালাগিব টেট পৰীক্ষা। আজি অসম চৰকাৰৰ শিক্ষা বিভাগে এখন অফিচ মেম'ৰেণ্ডামৰ জৰিয়তে এই কথা ঘোষণা কৰে।

তলত অফিচ মেম'ৰেণ্ডাম খন দিয়া হল।

In order to mitigate the shortage ot teachers in Primary and Upper Primary Schools, Elementary Education Department, Government of Assam, has created a State Pool of teachers in addition to the permanent sanctioned posts of teachers. Government of Assam has engaged TET qualified teachers on contractual basis under the State Pool. Similarly, through the Samagra Slksha Abhijan (SSA) also, earlier known as Sarba Siksha Abhijan, TET qualified teachers have been engaged on contractual basis.
Whereas, from time to time, such teachers were allowed to apply against permanent sanctioned posts, as and when advertisements were issued for filling up of permanent vacant posts. Eligible applicants were absorbed against the advertised permanent posts. 
Whereas, presently 11,447 nos of TET qualified teachers are working as contractual teachers in the State Pool and 30,087 nos of TET qualified teachers are working as contractual teachers under SSA. 
Whereas, most of the TET qualified teachers have passed their TET Examination held in 2012 and as per the NCTE norms, TET qualification is valid for seven years only.
whereas, the teachers working under State Pool and SSA have requested for being allowed to apply against the advertisements issued in future, by the Education Department, Government of Assam for filing up of permanent vacancies of teachers.
Whereas, the teachers were engaged as contractual teachers either under State Pool or under SSA, while their TET qualifications were valid and they are continuing to work as teachers.

Therefore, it is hereby clarified in public interest that whenever advertisements shall be issued for filling up permanent vacant sanctioned posts of teachers in Primary or Upper Primary Schools. these contractual teachers will be eligible to apply. provided that they continue working as contractual teachers, without any break and if otherwise eligible. The TET qualifications acquired by them in 2012 or later shall remain valid ti II they are absorbed against permanent posts, in accordance with the Acts and Rules in force arid as mentioned above. Such teachers are not required to acquire any fresh TET qualification. However, they will have to comply with all other requirements. as may be specified in the advertisements, as and when they are issued for recruitment to permanent posts. 
This has the approval of the Minister, Education, Assam.